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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:15pm EST

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f0] added i can throw the paper and never hit the canne. >>host: this is the top of the our emily getz allotment channel surfers. welcome to hsn this is what we call our today's special. --this is the time when we get a lot of channel surfers (...) when you say kindle, everyone knows is the best. america's no. 1 selling 7 in. tablet computer. it is not a toy. yes it is a reader and multitasker. we had beverly 2 called and said she missed her candle. -- who called >>host: to stop and listen to music and it is so much more a reader. it is a great tool for living and life.
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>>host: that only weighs 14 ounces. for moms and dads you want your kids to have a tablet. rosary who called from new york she said they are hard to find. but she was giving it for her 12 year-old niece. she said not only is the price fantastic, you do not get a kindle- fire for $39 you just do not. for moms and dads of america, this is 20
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times more durable than plastic. my nephew hunter, his toys are made of plastic this is 20 times more durable.lighter, faster, unlimited storage, faster web because it is 20 times more durable than plastic. free shipping. aiting for? really?gary mentioned it, that 60 days money back guarantee. of new shoppers tonight. if you are a new i want to welcome you to hsn. you have found a place to be. this is the best place to do your holiday shopping. because no store in america will let you get the kindle-fire home for $40. gary he said
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if i did not like itd put the return label and put it back in the box and send it back. that is what you could do. try it play with it download texting, facebookver your heart desires. for goodness' sake, do not let somebody else get your can pole. kindle.this is the final presentation. you have to make your way to the phones. if you are not calling you will knock it. one other thing, --if you are not calling you will not get it. lowest price tablet for the rest of the year. is a brand name and what you want and the price you can afford. get the one you want and but get it before it is sold out. we are back to the telephones had to pennsylvania, cynthia is calling. hello
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welcome to hsn. >>caller: hello. i am an old shopper. [laughter] >>guest: experience. >>host: we like that. >>caller: i want a tablet for some time and have been cruising every venue and option and i have been looking at this all day channel surfed and came across your special and said this is mine. >>host: good for you, cynthia. are you using somebody else's tablet? or you just always wanted one? >>caller: i have a kobo, and the candle application on my computer. actually --kindle i am trying to convince my grandson he needs one of these and not ipod. thisit cost another hundred dollars and
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does not do half of this. this is much more substantial. >>guest: certainly a more robust device as well. i do not know how old your grandson is, the material this is made out of its 30 times stiffer than plastic and 20 times harder than plastic making it incredibly durable. >>caller: he is 14.we have college kids that work with us and they say their friends have dropped their ipod time and time again just taking thed. >>host: exactly. cynthia i know you will love it. he is going to wish he told you otherwise. >>caller: his birthday is at the end of january so i am hoping to convince them. >>host: i agree.
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regardless he would have a ton of fun with it. thank you for stopping by.did you love the flexpay? >>caller: that is the ticket. the flexpay, free shipping accessories. i have never been disappointed in anything from hsn. >>host: thank you for being part of our experienced shoppers3 not do it without you. thank you so much for stopping by. >>caller: pink here by the way you look great in hi-def. >>guest: you are watching in hi-def. >>caller: -thank you >>host: can we kind of summarize all the great features. >>guest: we have a great features still. for lessvthan $40 on your credit card, here is what you are. understand this is full-blownfull out the deal on a tablet. the lowest price tablet for the rest of the year.
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[reading] this is the best selling 7 in. touchscreen tablet in you know you are getting a great and a tablet that surpasses so many others. this has a dualcore. it flows web pages 40% because of the silk browser.-- it loads. this means when you go to the amazon appstore, when you download any of your c13 applications games a calculator maybe pandora, whatever it is. maybe a lot of movies. great! c13 will never run out of memory when you download them from the amazon appstore. anything that is too large it will be stored off line on the cloutd. again cynthia was talking about another brand
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that is not true with them here it is a great tablet but when you fill it up you have to start deleting things. if you are making the investment to get a tablet like this you want to have it for years. not two months and be ready for a new one. you precisely because the memory continues to expand. is essentially infinite. let me tell you while i am going through everything the amazon appstore is one of the best things about this. >>host: i have heard of that (...) >>guest: it is not bob's appstore. >>host: do they have some good things? >>caller: in fact 22 million. >>host: tell them about the free stuff! >>guest: there are 1.2 million books you can buy but millions literally of books that are free. alyce
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carone made me laugh, she said her father uses a candle and she says what book did you buy? he said why would i ever get a book? there is millions for free. --uses a can pole. public domain books are free. --kindle we are sending you with what comes along along with your stylus anti- earbuds and simply to impress $25 certificate, we are giving you a month free of amazon- prime. --and the earbuds. there is 180,000 books like the harry potter series is part of that 180,000 books. you can borrow them for for using amazon-primetown of movie is also an tv series. cynthia mentioned down at the iman ago, i do not know if that is one of them.w
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down abbya moment ago. if all you wanted to do download free applications, music, magazines you could certainly do that. but when you get a premium content very inexpensive and application usually is about 99¢. >>host: i am sorry sharron, (...) >>guest: you were calling her again? >>host: c13 falling her with my brain. --phoning i worry about the lack of sleep i have had, she really does not get any sleep because we all called her. i will say when clock expires we are going to try to get you some extra time. basically because we know you want it. we want it all do we not? two things that i love every person who has a kindle
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they want this. every person who has kindle they say i cannot get this anywhere else.$40 on your credit card? it blows you away. believe meanwhile aaron berger does an amazing job, scratched the surface. --believe me while it is kind of see what the free application of the day is. everyday amazon gives you a free application. >>guest: today it is a conundrum. >>host: like gary from michigan who called he said i have been thinking about getting a tablet computer, one of those $500 and jobjobsthis has unlimited memory he said for $40 of i do not like it i will send it back. that is why we have thousands of new shoppers. if you do not love it if it is a gift even for
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yourself i love how you guys shoppe because that is how i shopbuy it for yourself but try it. if you are not blown away put the return label on the box and send it back. we will refund your purchase price. not a store in america who wants haggle? a lot of times you have until january 31stfirst? we give you until january 31st.the bottom line is you are going to love it and use it and wonder how you ever lived without it. but you do not let somebody else get kindle.your can polkindle. $25 of simply to impress, the usb cable to charge through your computer or you could get an adapter
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to plug-in to your wall, stylus earbuds remember it is more durable than the plastic toys your kids are playing with.20 times more durable than plastic and it only weighs 14 ounces. 9 hour battery, do it.i hate to say it this way because it sounds kind of brusque but you will regret it if you do not. we will raise the price $250 and you say why did i not get it when it was $40 to get home? at least you know you have got it.put it under the tree, free shipping to anybody in the country. i know that clock is getting ready to expire but i want to say hello to francis from texas who has been patiently standing by. you are live at hsn. welcome. >>guest: -- >>caller: thank you. >>host: what do you think of the today's special? >>caller: sounds
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fantastic. i happen to have hsn on and i am having such problems trying to read my e-mail. it is taking 30 to read to email on my computer because it is old and slow. i said this is a solution to my problem. >>host: we are separated at birth.i was using my computer a today and i got mad at that thing, i had to shut everything down. same thing it would not download what i wanted and then c13 clicked twice and i forgot so it opened up something twice and the music was playing and then somebody was talking over somebody else.the fact that it does things 30 times faster francis we will not know what to do ourselves. >>caller: i will save a lot of time. >>host: and a lot of aggravation. a kind of takes us off when we cannot do what we want. >>caller: yes.
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>>host: i love you got the today's special and how about the price? >>caller: fantastic. that is why i jumped on it. >>host: i hope you use flexpay. >>caller: i went ahead and pay for it. >>host: you can be my friend, shop for me. nice to have you, i hope you have a wonderful christmas and thank you for saying hello. >>caller: me to you. >>host: take good care, francis.brian just hung up i am sorry we missed you. we appreciate you being there. c13 the clock has expired (...) (...)you know you are, we love you and thank you. we haveer two minutes. you have no idea. obviously, we want you to have this tablet. what
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on earth are you waiting for? in a nutshell after this show is done.aaron berger turned into a pumpkin, who knows what i will do? it is the kindle-fire. it is 4600 of them spoken for. -- 46,000. do not let somebody else get your kindle. if you are not calling now you will not get it. we are doing free shipping. so you know this is not the introductory kindle this is the updated version dualcorefaster downloads. you wanted to youtube? see how fast that was? 30 times faster!!yself. >>guest: did catch thati thought she
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is so excited about her two minutes i do not want her to multiplied by 10. >>host: 4600 46,000? what ever. >>guest: just want a higher power. --1 higher power >>host: i know you are excited, this is exciting technology. you saw how fastvideo. like we were just saying you are not waiting or getting frustrated. you know what that means?you are not getting fed up.argonaut fed up with your old computer? i was. -- are you not you want faster downloads, you want faster internet. you want faster email. if you are like our caller from florida who had visual acuity problems. i want to be able to see what i am
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texting.u download the application and text for free on my telephone i cannot see what is going on. if you got it because it is easier to see. forget the fact it is easier to use. not only is it going to take you to a whole new world (...) i will say you have no idea what you will be doing until you get this home. and i mean that. you are going to discover things on the amazon appstorec13 will start cooking. maybe learn a language. and did you know this will read to you? in a different language it could read a book to you to your kids. that is scratching the surface. have you heard of amazon?you can downloaded application and turn this into a 7 in. gps. you can do that.not only that, it only 14 ounces. and it is 20 times more durable
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than the plastic probably you have on your kids toys. you will take it with you. is a hi-tech case. faster, there is bam! . notice how smooth that is.vlet us be perfectly frank, tablets less than $200 a they are kind of herky-jerky. they do not look like this. normally it is like domo arigato mr roboto this is fast fluid quick, easy.and it is intuitive. when i say if you want to try a computer for the first time listen i realize it is fun and easy but it is not a toy. this is a serious sophisticated, fast piece of equipment. is a reason that it is number one. somebody can pole
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they are like those are really good, they do not need to think about it. -- kindle even our caller said it is the best.c13 are making me move on, believe me i could spend hours on this. we have lots of other things to do. regardless,we are at sellout quantities. i have to let you know you cannot hang up. you if and only if you are calling now. i do not care what it takes, you have to make the call. take down the item number 099-849,do not hang up. aaron berger will be back for a quick thing. by the way lori leland is here with a big surprise, did not go anywhere we will be back. [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i am colleen lopez and i am so excited for tonight. we are kicking off our designer gallery gift event.6 c13 the most amazing things planned including a today's special i will tell you about. look what
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is back. we had so many thousands of requests for this box. this is my famous earrings box. i love it. have not ordered 10 of them because i love giving them as gifts. you have to see what this does.this is just an example of the couple earrings you can get into this extraordinary box. over 70 pairs of earrings windows all we are around. we are actually missing one. is for $39.90, two flexible payments it is finally sold out last time a snap. also the dress i am wearing is coming up. okour first ever herkimer quartz today's specialre nickname herkimer diamonds and they are mined in herkimer new york. the last one
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sold out and six minutes, gone. here is what is happening, for tonight, we are going to be launching, you have seen all beautiful show host girlfriends wearing them all week. they are so amazing. this is the value in the history of . we have never seen the value like what is going to happen midnight. prepare yourself. stay up with me because i had goose bumps over this one. i have a good feeling about the earrings. watch midnight with deb guyot. we are kicking off the fun at 11 eastern time. with shannon first so we will check that the way go to live- chat at 1030. let us talk to not appear here we go, this day only. [♪ music ♪] --tonight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: what a lucky girl i am. we
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if you are calling on the today's special you are getting the final quantities. the item number will be at the bottom of your screen. we have only 3000 but we have almost 2000 people joining us through the various forms of ordering. you can still get this and we are honoring the price for the next hour or until midnight or sold out. this is kinda like breaking the rules. if you have watched me before i like breaking them rules . like you could not tell thei. because the today's special is still available and you need to be calling however. they are still letting me do a this day only which basically is like another today's special. this is better than any today's special i have seen. first it is olympus. when we talk medical grade equipment, and optical image company, they are
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used in space for crying out loud. whether it is like for da life or death nobody knows better about a lens that olympus. kind of like you say the name cankindle you know you are getting the best. you think when you say olympus you are spending $500 a specially to get dslr-style camera's. this is what everybody wants because it makes you an instant pro. -- style. i think they are easier to handle. here is the other great thing. this has all the features we want. the zoom, zoom.vhuge view screen on the back. but it also has my favorite feature beauty fix. a lot cheaper than
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surgery!will not do enhancements but it will fix all this. if you are not wearing makeup or did not like lines and wrinkles we all want to look good. i know i am playing with that idea but if you only get it for the beauty eff i would say yes. because we post pictures on line, facebook we want to look is basically like an air brush in your camera that fixes everything. this even dual image stabilization, lord knows i am not study on my feet and that is before. this stabilizes everything. frankly we use the zoom it is really easy to get shaky because it get so close.this fix is it for you. final thing, we are including software. we are of memory card that we have never done before. you get a free 4 gb memory card.
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the cables and rechargeable batteries which may not seem like a big deal but i will tell you, it is a minnesota thing i think, i will tell you what i think that is where that comes from. the truth is i have other digital camera's i love uses aa batteries, i do not want to think about how much i spend on batteries. and that is money. this is better you and the environment. is not only better for mother earth but it saves money and last longer. shipping! flexpay in price only good for my show. we have 3000 of them. how quickly can you call? lori leland (...) >>guest: we sold out of the point and shoot oylmpus serveearlier so now we brought back the slr style, your favor. this is a great zoom to get you closer than ever before in the palm of your
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hand. this is 14 oz yet you get all the bells and whistles. a stunning 3 in. screen. one of olympus up. ' is the one-touch button 720 p hi-def video right here. shannon mentioned the beauty-mode and fix. i love the grip because you feel so stable and steady. when we start talking about 36 times optical-zoom we are going to get you closer than you thought you could ever get for this price point. friend is out here doing the paddle boarding. re all the way in at full 36 times. --getting closer. i could see the water bottle on the tip of the board. about with this ground- breaking lens your
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mind will be blown. these are the pictures we have become accustomed to a lot of background and your subject matter becomes lost.this is 14-megapixel by the way. >>host: i am not being disrespectful, this is a picture we normally get. >>guest: and it is boring! >>host: oh we went to the zoo and saw a pair it, you are apologizing to your friends. --parrot >>guest: (...) >>host: come on! >>guest: now we have taken it to another level and this is not even all the way. because this is 14 megapixels,6 c13 am still going. single factor. the sparkle in his eye. that- every feather. you can see all the details. can we show you where we started, this is what we are talking
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about with the 36 times >>host: that is where we started to give you a perspective. >>guest: there he is right there. that is what you are getting. and intelligent auto mode to select different scenes.16 scenes included. also pet mode dogs faces and automatically. 6 c13 >>host: to me it is the best of all worlds, we want that high-tech professional camera. you have heard me tell this, i have one of those high- tech camera's i keep it automatic but it is heavy and clunky and i think why did i spend so much it is $1,000? and then i never take it with me. because it is a contraction. you have to switch out the lens. who does that? you know you
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want the c13 want hi-def pictures do you not? this will do what your point and shoot camera will not not get me wrong i love point and shoot camera's but this really is the best of all has got the but truthfully for style is still small enough to take with you. 14 you get the case for free. put in your handbag if you want. why not?batteries, memory is all included for free. you know very well you are taking more photos right now this month then you probably take the rest of the year. and you want a good camera. we take great photos on our cell-phone or point and shoot but are your forever memories. at the end of the day if you have the wrong camera you are stuck forever. the last thing you want is the wrong camera at a wedding or christmas pack party.
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you know you want it to be easy as well. this is the best of all worlds. outletthis is like an air brushed finish. we will talk about that any moment. hockey >>guest: here we go. because we forget. oh come on ! >>guest: here is where our friends are. i could their almost what they are talking about. >>host: you can read their lips. use it
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to spy on your friends. forget the photos! >>guest: get closer. you are talking about a holiday the place all the things the kids are doing on the stages.if you have nosebleed seats and you will not get it. now you will. >>host: put this on a holiday treat with a note say open the first.he photos last forever. if you want a camera you can rely on, if you want one to you those forever photos if you want one to make the pictures look better. i know we already touched on the beauty fix. but it matters how the photos look and how easy the camera is to use. i can promise even if you have got a big expensive camera like i do,and i am living proof a testimonial (...) >>host: i do not want to take it around. does not matter what you spend, if itr view is you are not going to use it. it
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is hard to figure out. --ard to use. >>host: i have got so much going on and i know you do to especially over the holidays. the last thing i want to do is try download the video or read a tutorial. people tell me about a book i should get for this other camera, what? have time to read a book. but if you my today's special it could read a book to you. which i know a lot of your calling on. item number at the bottom of your screen. remember at midnight, colleen is coming up with a great today's special.she is going to start at 11.u see her, this is gone. it has been a great night for electronics and thank you for making that happen. camera. you know the photos you took over thanksgiving maybe there was a big party or family if
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you were not happy you should try this. and it is a big deal my friends.% not do olympus that often. only a couple times a year. when you think about it, they are a prestige other thing i should point out you do not see retail value and normally do because olympus is sold elsewhere. how lucky are wea?amazon let us do the today special for $40 to get home which you cannot even do on their website.6 c13 olympus' did their prestige brand for us and for you and only for this show. when i say they are pulling out all the stops. the only problem is we do not have a lot. there are now fewer than 3000. keep that in mind. a one-shot deal. i hope you try it. of course we would love to hear from you if you have got it. remember, software rechargeable batteries, 4 gb memory. free case.
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normally this would be what we call in and of itself. we + want the case, $50.--normally what we call an upsell >>guest: we are also giving you 4 gb card $25 value. this is a great bundle, and i love you set opened the first. this is the one you will want to take all your pictures even at night. i took many of these pictures. the ones that the pool. those beautiful landmarks downtown tampa. look how you can see the detail at night. with that 36 times optical- zoom even at night without a tripod. phenomenal. you cannot believe the results you are getting. look at the images. >>host: you could win awards. i am not
10:39 pm
even being facetious, you could win awards with the pictures you are taking. crazy thing is it is on automatic! >>guest: as this. the pet mode as soon as it attacks pet's vases it will automatically . --it detects your items, anything you will sell will look so gorgeous when you take that with your brand new olympus camera. this also has a super wide-angle lens. a 24 mm lenshave sorry only eight kids in the picture. however there are 10 children around the table. if you are missing peopleyour lands that wide- angle lens will make sure everybody stays and without taking a step back. >>host: be honest, the camera you have
10:40 pm
now unless yout $1,000 does not do what this does. yes there are camera's that do this but there atthe are not $45 on your credit card. other camera's, you spend a lot more money for. and i promise they are notasy as this. do not can you run the camera i have i love. --could not get me sister inlaw has the same one she tries to be really patient with me. put it on this setting and this one and she can tell she has lost is like ok. wheelie do it on automatic? so what do not even use those features.- will it do it you will appreciate the fact it will give you better pictures and appreciate it does what you wanted to do. yes, you can snap your point and shoot but at the end
10:41 pm
of day you cannot repeat moments. i do not mean to the you over the head with the idea, you know imam and only comes once in life. not that i am counting days17 days until i go home for christmas. -- we want you to have one that is easy to use. one that is easy to manage. here is the other thing it really makes you confident. kind of like our today's special it makes you feel smart. 3 like i can use a computer. this makes you feel look like you know what you are doing. get electronics and they are so hard to use the kind of makes us feel bad about ourselves and then you cannot figure out. just like the today's special that is in sellout
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quantities, this does the 60 days money back guarantee. remember,if your purchase is a gift hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. remember,if your purchase is a gift hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. take some pictures did when we save money back guarantee, snap away! record some movies hi-def movies hi-def photos. if you are not in love put on the return label and send it back to us. olympus is a brand we know and and are proud to have. we just do not have that very often.the fact that we not only them tonight but as a this day only which basically is like another today's special. i should let you know with the best package they have done. not only free shipping and lowest price but also free,4 gb memory card in the case for free. once people get this home there is so much to discover. >>host: -- >>guest: we are including the sd card so out of the box you can thousands of pictures, hi- video. i want to show you a video i was able to shoot of
10:43 pm
baby lilly. this is 720 p high- definition video you are not digging at the menu to try to find it. you are pressing the big red button from any and then once again to stop. i want to show you the in camera beauty fix if we have time. i want to get back to the zoom. i am realizing especially as i getand my parents are starting to get out there, my dad turned 80 and i realize time is of the essence. this is them. they are sitting there like lovebirds on the park bench. >>host: when you first showed was like i do not mean to tell you (...) >>guest: where are your parents? >>host: my producer is like i
10:44 pm
do not see them. >>guest: with this you are kind of in better shape. >>host: that is what most of us get for $230. >>guest: 16 times and if your cell- phone has a [commercial] it. now you can see the looks on their faces. let me show you where we were. i do not even know where to point. were they are. >>guest: it makes all the difference. >>host: seven minutes and we almost gone. i have been having fun tonight and hopefully you have as well. have literally the final couple thousand today's special. what a lucky girl i am. i really have like to today's special. home and take a
10:45 pm
break test drive. i know we have not demonstrated the beauty mode but if you only got it for that we all want to look our best. is kind of famous for that, they get rave reviews on that function by itself. to me, the best camera you will buy is a camera he will use. that is why i say no matter what you spend on your camera if it is not easy you are not using it.y eyes kind of rolled back in my head i know with a camera is (...)i am even thinking twice about shipping it home it looks like a mini suitcase when i travel with it. this is the best of all worlds it is easy. it gives you the zoom a mitts stabilization which we love because it stabilizes. -image stabilization takes photos and hi- def, records and hi-
10:46 pm
def. we pay to send it to you with free shipping. you are new to hsn because literally we have thousands of new faces on hsn today welld welcome to our family. for all of our friends to have been here for 35 years, you are the reason hsn is such a success. thank you for being. remember, this day only means that offer expires at midnight. colleen lopez is coming up with our today's special and when she is on at midnight, the price and everything is gone. at midnight is done just like our today's special will be. that is it, yes it is great for the zoom and we love that about the closeups, specialty shops. >>guest: dual image stabilization. -- shots 10 magic filters so you can play with
10:47 pm
your pictures and video shooting. here is your photograph this one employs pop art. here is pinhole so it darkens the edges a little bit. this one is one of the newerreflection. how much is a fisheye lens with your slr camera? s. this one is called watercolor.vthe most beautiful thing. drawing.come back from holiday and had the kids color them in. punk filter. this is photographs again and video. here we have your miniature which i think it is cool. here is sparkle.there is another example of that sparkle filter which makes it so much fun to use.i want to take you quickly inside my camera because i am
10:48 pm
dying to show you one of the fun fixes. here is a picture of robin and myself. i will touch on the menu now have the opportunity to edit. i could crop beauty fix, a lot of things to make the picture look even better. to 10 faces. we are doing in camera cropping and a half second. and then i could do the beauty fix. if you forget to put in6 c13 both before and you can still get more clear skin sparkling eye. >>host: seconds! >>guest: like having an air brush follow you around all day. it is working robin and myself making us look even better. removing blemishes. wait until you see some of the cool pictures.
10:49 pm
>>host: l boils down to the photos. and remember this is a. >>guest: look at that. --this is it. >>host: that is something i would just walk by. if i saw this no disrespect, no big deal. who knows what kind of beauty or what kind of things you may be missing?discover and love and come to appreciate. will say what i said be for you need the right camera. you have no idea what you are missing if you have the wrong camera. this is the right one for the right price. just like the kindle-fire is the right tablet for the right price. just like the today's special this offer expires at midnight. the wonderful way to treat yourself to a
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lifetime of memories. that is what this is about getting pictures that matter. and getting the camera that makes it easy to do. like the kindle-fire there are no compromises and there are no compromises on this camera normally when you get a camera they are 80eagerly easy or hard and expensive but they take good photos. --c13 really easy i have got the point and shoot camera and then the really good one. never between shall meet, this is both. the fact we are doing it go. >>guest: s is almost the biggest [commercial] we did. we made history when we launched this at 36. the other one we have that has more is 40 x is an olympus but it is
10:51 pm
$300. if you want the best,14 oz that fits in the palm of your hand.ou can take up to 10 frames per second sequentially.that big red button up to 720 p hi-def video. the battery youts on the previous model we have increased it by 75 percent. now you can take 350 photographs before you recharge the battery. there is a battery inside the camera, you do not even need to take it out. you could take a total wall without taking it out charge it on your computer.-you could take it to the wall >>host: this thing is fast. my producer told me she got a picture of a hummingbird and flight. you cannot even see their wings. i do not know how that is
10:52 pm
ipossible. it is like it froze time. you have no idea what this will do. almost on cue, >>guest: i have an example of to take a picture of a butterfly they away. you are freezing time up to 10 frames per second sequential shooting to get the perfect shot every time you are going to be able to capture it. this is taken in auto mode. the details on the wings. you can see the pollen on the flowers. this is exactly what we all want from a camera but maybe you feel like you have not really been able to afford it in the past the petde, the high-speed shutter, just for
10:53 pm
animal lovers, that is reason enough to get it. if you cannot get those shots. a puppy do not wish you could go back in time i remember when i brought my cat home. you know for moms and dads, babies to try to capture when they are smiling, yawning. it happened so fast and for a lot of us, if you have the contraption camera you are never getting the photos this will get. it is true. you have got to go to the menu pick the right function. it is done. you missed it. try getting a 6 month old disabled it. while i figure out my camera--try getting a 6 month old to say hold you are
10:54 pm
going to cherish for the rest of your life. that is what it all boils down to. you know you could never go back to repeat those moments. you owe it to yourself to get a great camera. if there is a new baby being born or they are just was a new season, you know i do not kit to see my family as often as i like. spend thousands of dollars to travel home and am happy to do it because i miss my family. i spend all that money and is gone want to capture those moments and capture those memories and want a camera that matters the one that is easy the one you can rely and count on. the prices going up at midnight and colleen is coming up in a moment. final quantities of the today's special as well.if you are interested this is your last chancec13 the olympus. what are we looking at? wow! >>guest: you were talking about little ones. i was at the beach with lilly and
10:55 pm
her. she is 20 months old and she these days is not even looking like she did a few months ago. look how cute she is, that rosey glow to her cheeks. i gave this picture to her mom and she said she is so glad i took it. because she does not even look like this anymore. the other thing that makes this special is you have built-in panorama. if you want to do in camera panorama this is a top feature on the wheel do to-three pictures and will sew everything together in the camera for you. a lot of different ways to use it. it is so intuitive, just line up the circle and the the picture and stitch with out any software required. >>host: ally something you need a computer to do. a
10:56 pm
lot of the things lori leland has been describing if you did not have this come herebcamera he would need a computer. vgets you the you cannot get with other remember the zoom. at a ballgame or cheerleading meat or the dance recitalc13 they are squinting and trying to get a shot you are getting pictures nobody else will get. we are going to pay to send it to you. last call. we will give you a small reminder of the today's special. we are going to say hello to kim calling from texas who got the camera. >>caller: i am so excited i cannot stand it. >>host: was the price? you just want the right pictures? >>caller: both. mainly the price.g around the internet, ng to stores and
10:57 pm
you cannot the it. i had seen this and i said this is it. what i have been looking for. >>host: ki you are going to love it please have a good safe holiday in new year. >>caller: you as well. >>guest: enjoy your olympus. >>host: thank you we are giving everybody a reminder of the today's special. >>guest: thank you shannon. thank you everybody. >>host: the olympuses kind of like another today's special in price expires at midnight. remember last call we have the 2000. in case you missed it, not only is this america's number one selling tablet computer in the 7 in. category but we are doing it only until midnight. colleen is coming up next and when you see her brand new today's special this is gone. do not let somebody else get your kindle-fire. not only faster,
10:58 pm
smarter, easier to use. believe me can even download an application to allow you to text3 free. but you need to call now. it is so sleek and portable. only 14 oz! you can take it with you wherever you go. it is 20 times durable than the plastic toys your kids are playing with. you shop on the internetthis is 30 times faster. even 30 times faster on the internet. final 2000. if you are trying to get through, we quit the presentation because we wanted a couple left. call back now. this was it, your final shot. we will pay to send it to you with free shippingess than $40 gets it home. goodbye flexpay, this is it. left and then
10:59 pm
forever hold your peace. not only the lowest price ever but you will not see another tablet for a better price for the rest of the year.i know it is fun know it is sleek easy but honestly, it is a serious tool and sophisticated piece of equipment. do not for a moment think you could not do word-processing, spreadsheet, download and application to allow you to access your excel and outlook. but the idea is nobody in the world is going to let you get the kindle-fire home for $40.i know you want it. the thing is we want it all. if you want the best they are the best for a reason. call back, final 2000 and everything is gone at midnight. thank you for your orders and thank you for being there. it has been a great night and nice to meet all of you for
11:00 pm
our friends who already know what a great place hsn is thank you for being part of the family. i will be back tomorrow night 11:00 p.m.. in the meantime colleen lopez is getting her party started. [♪ music ♪] 3 >>host: hello everyone at m. colleen lopez and you are watching hsn designer at the gallery 50 that we update date plan tomorrow and the star of the day is happening at midnight, one hour from now they do hope you will set up with me because last time we a herkimer today's special it's all about and 6 minutes it was gone in six minutes. this will not your socks off state and for that. we do have a lovely assortment of things in this first hour for you to see. we do have a drusy appended to show youpieces by eight/silversilver, we have
11:01 pm
black or we have a sleek sterling silver setting, we have a great price of $49.90 this is customer pick up the higher prices.163- 554. we have a long, lean card and and this, and this will have inclusion senate that is natural inherit the beauty uk, it is a huge dam at this in a beautiful to tone setting,--2tone on flex pay and stay tuned for that and then, it is back, this box, i have between my face book, my blog on it isthis is the famous earrings box it
11:02 pm
will 70 pair of boots, drops dingell's, it is the most brilliant way to storerrings and will keep tarnished 3 for up to 50 years.-- dangle windows around and you can see curent high yurt during wardrobe at a glance. boxes they are remarkable is our own design. if you would like to order it the flex pay is good just for the designer valery event, they added that $19.95. i--gallery last time it did go so fast that berry had a chance to talk about it. it is here tonight, we have many colors, we ivory black raspberry, see film, a camel with great colors available in check it out if you like to order early3
11:03 pm
665. offered in her mora herkimer it was done in six minutes this is unbelievable when you have seen all but the beautiful close at hsn have been bearing at all week and they are so gorgeous a 500 million a year old stone, they york and they're very rare, more red than any other stone. highly rare and unusual and they're made in america in this is the only female mind owners in the world. made in it is the biggest value ever--mine
11:04 pm
he may be able to orderitself, they will go very quickly they're absolutely amazing they are called stiletto but they are by the fact of us deb guyot and forever barred from and has been cut might get these for her, she will look them and get a pair forlf their money favorite airing. i've given these, you forget you are wearing+ them and tell people compliment you. normally we sell herkimer areas between $119, leading to you see the value. i am so excited, and let us go ahead and get the party started this is the designer calory get deep that we will start off with a lovely potay back andrew
11:05 pm
stone from himalayan at gyms and they're an extraordinary collection and all of these are handmade by the women in nepal. $19.90 and it does create the previous bid, it does still in your necklace and so you do get a bid that the fact, they are the beats if you can get--bib have to send them from the czech republic all the way to nepal, the women of this area are the ones that will hand may, hand crocheted all of these beautiful pieces for us and remind me of the gorgeous model. valerie and i air bearing the paper it dress, this is the
11:06 pm
wine and dine dress many of you have been asking about this and i absolutely love this. i wish i had thousands but i do not iand then 8 and it it's like a dream. get ever recommend this in a heartbeat. for this show, for this day is $99 it is a perfect 5 star review already and it is get it home. this part is stretchy and this all a shudder pleading and does wonderful things to your i wanted to to see it but many of you have been asking about this and it is finally here, we're both sporting the dress if you like to the price is good only for designer cavalry that today, a one- time-only offer. women on have been busy pre ordering that you can see how
11:07 pm
necklace this, it does so in the neckline, it is a pretty, grape gift if you are looking for kids, this is your big designer valery gift de pet, we bring you a beautiful things for gas red ideas for you and if you are looking for relief of portable but lovely jewelry that has meaning history, you will fall in love with him only and we are calling this steel, this is like a peacock, blue till color--teal , i do not have my card in front of me. and this is the pomegranate and then this last caller is honey--color we have the pomegranate stones with the teal with gold in it. and by
11:08 pm
the way if you are hurt more raw and it feel like chatting about herkimer , with up to hear from you. the pennant that i am is a herkimer coming up later on in the hour. we will get you information back at it feel like to order the necklace it is 209- 953. also available is the tibetanbut a bracelet. you do get a set 2, blue red yellow, green are the choices in each one has a different virtue attached to it, i'd love to beats they're all hand- painted, this all made by hand in nepal--beads buried in a tit for $14.90 a couple of hundred left, 190- 174. a head
11:09 pm
start those are available and we do have a complete a ray of very talented designers who are part of designer calibrate and we always when the ball, sajen silver, marriott and richard jacobsen has been in white teen that to design these pieces. --marianne the two gorges and it jewelry is traditional and contemporary all in one, very artful and exciting and fun to wear so if you a fan, a collector the drusy is magnificent, and this particular drusy is so much fun.use express or green and we will find out how many dresses we have left. many of you are asking about the box, the greenboxes took to come, hundreds of you
11:10 pm
grabbing the earrings box and if you do want to ask about the today's special, it may have the information on that. this is a beautiful brown trees the brain, this is linda drusy and that is where they card are around the natural and it forms and the host rock and that is for you get pop they perry said this is like little gems-- pave you can see how it will twinkled and a light, to color choices, and the black, we have this and the black diamond but we are calling this platinum and the other color forest and the forest, really does have greens but it does also havelue, purple, and still to show you look at the beautiful colors, their sparkling and this is forest drusy, and as you turn it a little
11:11 pm
bit, you can see where you are getting all of this play of color this a little treasure chest and you are looking down a treasure chest for it all with the jewels have collected inside and it is so gorgeous and this is a customer pick up a high price it is never been this low. out, this is not coming back and there is a couple of hundred if you do the doctors say that we do, this is your chanceab it and you can see valerie, how pretty that is on your middle finger, ring finger, however you want to wear, this is a ring that is easy to wear because it this way you can stack it next to a be and, you can wear as a standalone. $49.90 a this a sajen silver piece. the drusy is dazzling and i do love to see, this is amazing that stone
11:12 pm
pretty and easy to wear. if you're the king for something fresh and new and guess,long as you know her bring size that will be an outstanding choice foreshore. the hearing box but i do found face book, i have so many face book friends that have been waiting for the senate buff might burleson and so happy that this boxes back many of you have gone to my block in you have been asking for this, it is an hsn exclusive, what my favorite boxes and i thought at least 10 of these. i buy for me, i give them as gifts and they are incredible and we do have them in new colors but i will show you what makes this so great, it holds 70 pairs of hoops, dingell's, drops, in the stand- up. you mix and
11:13 pm
match, you slide the men and it does have its own runner, you cited back in the box, it is genius and it does keep everything he keeps everything safe and protected and tarnish free. there are windows around, on the gradus box, and that it ever seen for storing and organizing and this is so pretty. if you're looking for the greatest if you're looking for amazing gets, they put the flex pay just the designer valery event, and what was the number on that box? 120-665 and we are exactly 47 minutes away from a new today's special it is the air and i am married and you do have seen all of the female clothes wearing these for
11:14 pm
the past week and everybody looked gasoline and them, and everybody who sees thesepeace and i would just tell you, and the history of herkimer worldwide, when the clamor, these% rare and unusual they cannot be called herkimer their mind in herkimer county new york. we do have the biggest, best value. these are going to go and they will go fast, i am so excited. that is coming at right now, i do wantc13 show you the beautiful pented this is brought despite sajen silver, they're the husband and the dynamic duo there is lovely, they're so talented and this is an example of their beautiful


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